Please enjoy some of my very favorite books, ever.*

What I read in 2021:

These books are the best thing that happened to me in 2020:**

‌*I make a little bit of money on items purchased through these links. Which, as a writer who just wants to write for the sake of writing, is probably kind of a dick move. Like, I don't maintain a blog just to sell things to people by pretending I'm offering helpful life advice. Really, I just figured it was better to send you to Bookshop than anywhere else, because they support local book stores, and Jeff Bezos does not need anymore helicopters. But, if that bugs you, I totally get it, and you are welcome to buy these books wherever you want. Just shop local. Or thrift. And wash your hands after you pee. Please.

**It just occurred to me that I had a baby in 2020, and because I am a good mother, I would like to clarify that she is the best thing that happened to me that year.  She is absolutely delicious. Metaphorically. To clarify, I do not eat babies. Because, like I said, I am a good mother. But these books are the best things that happened to me besides her. These and YouTubeTV.