I finally got my shit together and launched my Etsy site yesterday.

Which is a big deal for me, because I've spent two years and three months pretending I have something like a craft business on the side, when actually-- I make stuff because I like making stuff, then completely panic and give up when it comes to any of the administrative shit like... actually selling anything...? Things like SEO, and sales tax, and social media planning send me down a rabbit hole of research and confusion, and when I sit down to figure any of it out, I feel like a gigantic idiot. Like, do I need to charge a handling fee? How do I know the final packaged weight of something I haven't even sold yet? Does my item description sound fine, or does it sound like I think I know what I'm doing when I actually have no fucking clue because I just like making shit? Why do I write item descriptions that sound like I'm a 7th grader trying to sell enough friendship bracelets to save up for a brand new keytar?

My point is, imposter syndrome is hella real, and it took me a long ass time to get over myself and just MFin' do it. You know how in Orange Is The New Black, Piper is all like, "Eat the frog!" I ate the frog. I did the thing.

I only have six items listed so far because, let's be honest: I was productive yesterday, but I'm not Jeff Bezos. But I did it.

So, here it is! It only took me half a dozen existential crises, but carol + rosie is finally a real live store on the interwebz. Please enjoy my crafts and curated nonsense.