Big day for me today: I got my first Fauci Ouchie! Bae and I made the trip downtown to the drive-through site, operated by FEMA, and I finally got my first COVID-19 vaccine. I was so impressed by how efficient the whole process was, because I was in and out of there in 30 minutes. No long lines, no crazy-ass anti-maskers making a scene. There were road cones marking lanes off, people in vests pointing us where we needed to go; some people even had clipboards. I'm always excited by clipboards. I didn't even have to get out of my car!

Now I just have to wait for my second dose, and I will be fully vaccinated. As a mother of six kids, four of whom travel between our exes' homes and ours, this is a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Will we still continue to stay home as much as we can, and mask in public? Abso-fucking-lutely. It's still Texas, and the mask mandate is gone now, so basically no one is wearing them outside anymore. (Which is utter stupidity and a blatant contradiction of CDC guidance, and HEY YOU CAN STILL INFECT KIDS BECAUSE THERE'S NO VACCINE FOR THEM YET, but that's none of my business.)

But I also finally feel a little bit safer in the knowledge that the chances of the adults in our home dying from this virus are much, much lower now. It's not the same as knowing we're all safe, because we still don't know when the kids will be able to get vaccinated. But if we can reduce the number of vulnerable people in our family from 8 to 6, I'm calling it a win.