Having ADHD is this thing where you send the tube canister to the pharmacy lady without your payment, so they send it back to you. So you put your card in, then you see a bird, and you're like "IT'S A BIRD!" And you send the canister back. Then the pharmacy lady points out that you also forgot to include your driver's license, but that bird might be a hawk. Or a vulture? What if it's an EAGLE?! Shit, that's a cool bird. You hear the canister and put your ID in it, and press send, and the bird is *still just flying around like a majestic badass* but WAIT, CRAP, SOMEONE IS TALKING TO ME, and yeah generic is probably fine, but THAT'S A REALLY COOL BIRD. And now you're sitting here, trying to remember if they've given you back your license and credit card, and WHERE DID MY BIRD FRIEND GO?! I know I say a lot of things about how ADHD actually is not what you think, but yeah. Sometimes ADHD is exactly what you think it is. 🤷