My first foray into resin pouring provided flaccid evidence that I still have attention deficit disorder, and following instructions is not a thing I just intuitively remember to do all the time. In my weird little brain, I have watched many resin videos where the "mix ingredients together" part is sped up, so I assume that's because watching someone stir shit is boring, instead of the actual facts of resin crafting science, which are, basically: you have to stir it for a really long time, dumbass.

So, my first attempts turned out mostly tacky and semi-solid.  Stabby Kitty was the best one, probably because I made it with glitter instead of a liquid pigment that changed the chemical consistency. It was solid enough to remove easily from the mold, it doesn't smudge to the touch, and it looks totally normal in pictures.

The bookmarks are more like forgotten Fruit Roll-Ups from your lunchbox after you let it sit in your backpack during spring break. They're, like, the opposite of a boner. But that's okay! I've learned things, and I mixed the second batch of stuff for a much longer time.

I still have ADD, but now I have a glittery, purple, rubbery self-defense cat. It's floppy, but it's fine. I did a thing. Yay!