Cluster headaches are apparently also referred to as "alarm clock headaches" because they happen at the same time every day, and I feel that in my soul. For about the last year, off and on, I've had intense, blinding headaches that come on with no notice, other than that they typically start around 2:30pm. Given that I don't drink, and I've always been a little nervous about prescription pain meds, I haven't tried to take anything stronger than ibuprofen for these suckers. But I do love me some creative non-pharmaceutical products for pain, and my newest contraption arrived today.

I'm sure a better name exists for this thing, but it's basically an ice hat. Simple enough, right? Put it in your freezer, it gets cold, pull it over your face when you get a migraine. So far, it just feels kinda like a Speedo full of chilled testicles on my skull.

Let's hope, when the time comes, the frosty banana hammock does the trick. Brain bra? Brain-ana Hammock? I'm gonna work on this.