One of my kids and I had our (six months overdue) annual eye appointments today. This was one of those things I was hesitant to schedule because we have to do it in person, and I kept hoping that, eventually, COVID case numbers would go down. But since our county has stayed at the highest possible threat level for, like, a year, it seemed like we should go ahead and get it over with. And, of course, our governor here in the great state of Texas just lifted our mask mandate, despite literally no scientific data to indicate that this was a good idea. So, I was little edgy about this whole thing because people have already been stubborn, fight-picking assholes about masks this entire time. Businesses are still allowed to require masks, and public health officials can make recommendations, but if there was this much outrage from anti-maskers with a statewide order in place, it just doesn't seem like people are going to start voluntarily doing the right thing now.

I called ahead of the appointment, yesterday, to confirm their COVID safety policies, and thankfully, they informed me that they planned to continue conducting their business with all CDC-recommended COVID safety guidelines. You'd think, being an eye doctor, they'd just automatically follow that advice anyway. It seems like a logical conclusion, to me, that any doctor will do what the science indicates is best. But within hours of the announcement that our governor had reopened the state at 100% capacity, I started seeing posts from local businesses advertising that they would NOT require masks from this point forward. So, like I said-- it was a little unnerving to venture out today, knowing this is already an unnecessarily political THING that shouldn't be this complicated. Because aside from hoping the business sticks to the COVID safety best practices, there's this whole other ugly vibe that happens now, where you wonder if other customers are going to cooperate, or absolutely lose their shit. We've seen the videos of absolutely bonkers Karens going off on the servers at IHOP because they don't want to wear a mask; what does that look like now that it's not required by the state?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the flow of customers was being restricted. And they did insist one forgetful gentleman wear a mask as soon as he entered the building, to which he apologetically complied.

But still.

It's an eye doctor appointment, guys. It just doesn't feel like something that should have this much potential for controversy.